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Abstract by insolitus85

According to your journal, you are desperately in need of a critique on this work. So here we go:
First of all, I think the photo is pretty unique as it is, that is why I gave it a high rating in originality. I don't think that anyone else would capture the motive in the way you did. That takes me to the next point, vision and impact. Often a photographer sees things, other don't. I'm sure that there's a lot more meaning and/or a deeper impact in the image for yourself as for the "normal" viewer. Also, your technique is almost perfect, there's nothing to complain about it. The weaker side of the piece is its impact on others, I think. I can only guess (since I personally think it's an overall good work) what causes the fact, that it's not one of your more popular deviations. Maybe it's the angle, which is quite unusual (well, that is good for abstract photography, though). Maybe it's the (too?) realistic colours, I'd really like to see it in black and white to compare... Maybe it's the composition; the motive is close to the centre, squares are quite in vogue at the moment, but maybe it doesn't work so well here. Or maybe, it's a bit of all of those thoughts or there are other things as well, which I can't figure out now...
Anyways, it's definitely not bad and I believe that not every photograph has to have lots of favourites to be a good one. Keep it up and keep this work, too!
I hope that this will help you a bit. =)
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insolitus85 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the first real critique I have every received!
What you say (especially about the impact and such) sounds plausible.
And don't worry, I never intended to scrap this work.

You have been very helpful. Thank you again :hug:
Zouberi Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012   Photographer
You're very welcome! =)
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